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Introducing the ENYO 15th Anniversary Edition, a true masterpiece crafted to commemorate 15 years of audio excellence. This sophisticated DAC combines cutting-edge technology with meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring an unparalleled auditory experience.

Key Features:

– *I²S Input:** Seamlessly integrate your high-end audio components.
– *True NOS R-2R DAC:** Pure, uncolored sound with Non-Oversampling architecture.
– *Enhanced Power Supply:** Featuring UPOCC copper for pristine power delivery.
– *Anodised Aluminium Chassis:** Available in elegant silver or sleek black, this robust chassis ensures both durability and style.
– *Upgraded Firmware v1.8:** Enhanced performance with the latest 12th Anniversary firmware.

Technical Highlights:

– **Proprietary R2R + DSD Architecture:** Experience the best of both worlds with 24-bit R2R and 6-bit DSD processing.
– **High Precision Components:** Low thermal effect, hand-matched 0.01% resistors for unmatched accuracy.
– **FEMTO Crystal Oscillators:** 45.1548MHz and 49.152MHz for ultra-low jitter.
– **Advanced Power Supply:** Low noise design with FIFO buffer for impeccable sound integrity.
– **Digital Signal Processing:** Via FPGA, supports DSD1024 and PCM1536 on USB input.
– **Proprietary USB Solution:** Utilizes the STM32F446 MCU with licensed Thesycon driver for Windows, and driverless operation on Mac and Linux.

DSD Support:

– **DSD64-DoP:** Compatible on all inputs.
– **DSD1024:** Supported exclusively on USB input.

PCM Support:

– **24-bit Support:** Across all standard sampling rates up to 192kHz on all inputs.
– **1536kHz:** Achievable on USB input for the ultimate high-resolution experience.

Sampling Modes:

– **Oversampling (OS)**
– **Non-Oversampling (NOS)**

Digital Inputs:

– **Coaxial:** x1
– **TOSLink:** x1
– **I²S:** x1
– **USB2.0 Type B:** x1

Analog Outputs:

– **RCA:** 2.0Vrms, 625 Ω
– **XLR:** 4.0Vrms, 1250 Ω

Performance Specifications:

– **Frequency Response:** 20-70KHz (-3dB)
– **THD+N:** 0.004%
– **S/N Ratio:** 115dB
– **Dynamic Range:** >119dB
– **Stereo Crosstalk:** -124dB

**Power Requirements:

– **AC Voltage:** 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz (Worldwide Voltage, Manual Selector)
– **Fuse:** T2A/250VAC, 5x20mm, 2A Slow Blow
– **Power Consumption:** ≤20W

Physical Specifications:

– **Dimensions:** 215W x 230D x 45H mm (with feet +18mm)
– **Package Dimensions:** 375 x 330 x 115 mm
– **Weight:** 3.5 Kg
– **Colors:** Black / Silver

Package Contents:

– DAC Unit
– Power Cord (No remote control)


– 12 Months

With the ENYO 15th Anniversary Edition, where every detail is designed to bring you closer to the music you love. Rediscover your favorite tracks with the purity and precision.


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