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X30 Network Streaming Decoder

The X30 Network Streaming Decoder is a state-of-the-art device designed for audiophiles seeking unparalleled sound quality and performance. This advanced decoder incorporates a range of high-end components and innovative technologies to deliver exceptional audio fidelity.


Core Features

ES9039SPRO Quad Core

– The X30 utilizes four ESS flagship chips, ES9039SPRO, with two pieces per channel to create a fully balanced architecture. Each chip has its own independent power supply and grounding, ensuring the highest performance.


Power Supply

– The ES9311Q multi-group energy-rich independent power supply ensures a stable and clean power source for all components, significantly reducing noise and interference.


DSP Autonomous Digital Filtering

– The X30 features advanced DSP autonomous digital filtering, which reduces aliasing noise. It offers four types of DSD filters and three PCM filters, along with NOS (Non-Over-Sampling) mode support for enhanced audio reproduction.


Digital Filtering

– The device includes a high-performance digital filter program developed on the Analog Device SHARC DSP platform, equipped with proprietary high-performance anti-aliasing noise algorithms. It utilizes high-precision floating-point 64-bit operations to improve sound quality by reducing in-band aliasing noise through frequency upscaling and noise shaping.


FPGA Programmable Logic Chip

– The FPGA chip provides digital integrated circuits with self-constructed logic functions, clock management, 2nd PLL digital shaping, DOP demodulation, and PCM/DSD depop switch. These technologies lay a solid foundation for excellent sound quality.


Clock Management and Synchronization

– The X30 features synchronized clock implantation technology to reduce the device audio clock requirements. The built-in OCXO constant temperature crystal oscillator supports a 10M clock input, K2, and an ultra-low noise synthesizer. The local OCXO clock or external 10M clock is synthesized into a high-precision clock signal for decoding, minimizing dependency on front-end clock performance.


Network Streaming and Bridge System

– The X30 supports a variety of network streaming protocols, including ROON Bridge, Airplay, UPnP, and NAA. The bridge system, developed in cooperation with Celaudio, is optimized for music playback by removing hardware unrelated to music playback and using a Linux kernel for better I/O depth, reducing delay and jitter, and enhancing audio playback capabilities.


High-Resolution Audio Support

– The decoder supports DSD512, PCM768K, and MQA384K, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of high-resolution audio formats. The XMOS XU216 USB interface further enhances this support.


Inputs and Outputs

Digital Inputs

– LAN Support Protocols: ROON, Airplay, UPnP, NAA, Spotify (Configurable via web interface, with online upgrade capability)

– LAN Speed: 100/1000Mbps

– 10M Clock Input: BNC, input impedance 50 Ohm, 0dBm-20dBm; CMOS square wave 0.2V-3.3V; sine wave 0.5V-3.3V


Analog Outputs

– Frequency Response: 20-20kHz/±0.2dB

– Dynamic Range: >130dB

– Signal to Noise Ratio: >129dB

– Channel Crosstalk: -139dB @ 10kHz

– THD+N: ≤0.0001% @1kHz

– IMD: ≈0.001% @ -1dbfs

– RCA Output Level: 2.5Vrms (Volume Fixed)

– RCA Output Impedance: 100Ω

– XLR Output Level: 5.1Vrms (Volume Fixed)

– XLR Output Impedance: 100Ω

– XLR Interface Definition: American standard (1 ground, 2 hot, 3 cold)


Design and Build

Analog Preamp

– The passive analog preamp features R2R relay volume adjustment without loss of sound quality. It can bypass the preamp for direct connection to active studio monitor speakers or a power amplifier. The volume is conveniently adjustable via remote control from 0dB to -90dB.


Discrete Class A Analog LPF Circuit

– The analog LPF circuit is a discrete Class A design specifically for the ES9039SPRO chip. This design allows for flexible parameter adjustments, ensuring optimal performance and sound quality.


Independent Voltage Stabilization

– The X30 boasts independent voltage stabilization with multi-stage filtering and left-right separation to eliminate interference.


Toroidal Transformers

– Two high-quality audio toroidal transformers separately power the digital and analog sections, achieving completely independent power supplies without interference.


Physical Specifications

– AC Power Supply: AC115V/230V 50/60Hz

– Power Consumption: <30W

– Size: W430 x D300 x H80 (Including foot 92mm)

– Package Size: L530 x W400 x H180mm

– Package Weight: 10kg


The X30 Network Streaming Decoder is a cutting-edge device for those who demand the highest level of audio quality. Its combination of advanced digital and analog technologies, high-resolution audio support, and meticulous design makes it a standout choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts.


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