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Gustard H16


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Headphone Amplifier Preamplifier Balanced

Gustard H16 Amplificateur Casque Préamplificateur Symétrique

With the DAC, Gustard offers a high-performance headphone amplifier and preamplifier, benefiting from careful and intelligent manufacturing. With its independent symmetrical and asymmetrical circuits and capable of delivering a high level of power, it can be used with most of the headphones on the market.

Its preamplification and power stage is based on one LME49722 chip and two LNE49724 chips. It is thus capable of delivering a power of 3700mW under 64Ω on its balanced outputs, while offering a detailed, rich and dynamic restitution. The inputs are accompanied by a buffer using an AOP OPA1642 and an AOP OPA1678.

Also at the heart of the device are an Altera CPLD and an STC MCU, responsible for processing audio signals quickly, while ensuring low jitter.

On the power supply side, the H16 incorporates a linear power supply, using a custom-made toroidal transformer, in order to cleanly power all the audio circuits.

Finally, the volume level is adjustable thanks to a relay volume control, making it possible to maintain a perfectly identical sound level on both channels.

Complete connection system

The H16 is equipped with a complete set of connectors to accompany all types of helmets. Thus, the input is asymmetrical RCA and symmetrical XLR. RCA or XLR input is selectable by the menu.
On the output side, the unit offers preamplifier outputs with unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR, as well as an unbalanced headphone output in 6.35mm jack format, and 3 balanced headphone outputs in 3.5mm jack, 4.4mm jack and 4 pin XLR formats.

Gustard H16 Amplificateur Casque Préamplificateur Symétrique

The Gustard H16 can be powered over a voltage range of 115-230VAC. However, it is essential to select the voltage corresponding to that supplied by your electrical network on the back of the appliance before connecting it to the mains.

Gustard H16 review by Audio Science Review

” The Gustard H16 delivers on all of these promises in addition to perfect channel matching through its relay controlled digital volume. And ability to use it with remote. “

Technical characteristics

Product type Headphone amplifier
Inputs 1x Single-ended RCA
1x Balanced XLR
Outputs 1x Single-ended Jack 6.35mm headphone output
1x Balanced XLR 4 pins headphone output
1x Balanced Jack 4.4mm headphone output
1x Balanced Jack 3.5mm headphone output
1x Single-ended RCA (Pre-Out)
1x Balanced XLR (Pre-Out)
Input sensitivity Single-ended RCA : 2Vrms
Balanced XLR : +18dBu (Max +26dBu)
Input impedance Single-ended RCA : 4.7kΩ
Balanced XLR : 10kΩ
Frequency response 20Hz – 80kHz (-0.1dB)
SNR XLR Output (Pre-Out) : 120dB
Headphone outputs : > 118dB
Crosstalk XLR (Pre-Out) : -120dB @ 1kHz
Headphone outputs : -118dB @ 1kHz
THD+N XLR Output (Pre-Out) : < 0.0004%
Headphone outputs : < 0.0005% @ 1kHz, 3700mW, 64Ω
IMD XLR Output (Pre-Out) : < 0.0004%
Headphone outputs : < 0.0005% @ 3700mW, 64Ω
Headphone outputs impedance Single-ended Jack 6.35mm : 0.1Ω
Balanced outputs : 0.2Ω
Headphone output power (balanced, high gain) 3700mW @ 64Ω
2268mW @ 150Ω
1133mW @ 300Ω
566mW @ 600Ω
Power supply AC115-230V 50/60Hz (switchable)
Consumption < 20W
Dimensions 220 x 170 x 50mm
Weight 2.5kg
Remote Yes
Color Black


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