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Gustard C18


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Master Clock OCXO 10MHz Black

Gustard C18 Horloge Maître OCXO 10MHz Noir

This high-performance Gustard C18 external clock is ideal for ensuring perfect synchronization of digital audio signals to improve the sound quality of a HiFi system. The C18 is equipped with an ultra-low noise oscillator.


The oscillator used here is a 10MHz OCXO, designed to promote a constant temperature and thus minimize changes in output frequency caused by temperature variation. Specially designed for audio, it allows you to achieve a greater level of detail, a more realistic sound signature and a higher dynamic range.


Independent output stage

The output circuit of the C18 maintains and does not deteriorate the low phase noise signal provided by the main oscillator. The GDRV-P1 can also provide both a sine and a square wave signal to accommodate different devices.

Gustard C18 Horloge Maître OCXO 10MHz Noir
Gustard C18 Horloge Maître OCXO 10MHz Noir

Discrete power supply

The C18 features a discrete Class A power supply circuit that is highly efficient, providing low ripple and fast response.


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