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Furutech FP-3TS20 Power Cable


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Furutech FP-3TS20 Power Cable Alpha-OCC Conductor (Per Meter)

*Custom built cables with connectors by your choice from our whole inventory. For a quote, please contact us at “”.*


2 Type stranding
14AWG α (Alpha) conductor(2.16

※α (Alpha)-OCC Conductor:The PCOCC wire strands and treated with the α(Alpha) process

・Conductor: α (Alpha)-OCC Conductor(56/0.18mm(central)+ 29/0.18mm(outside) (14 AWG) / (2.16
・Insulation: PE(Red、Natural、Yellow) Red=Live、Yellow=Neutral、Clear=Earth.
・Twisting: 3 Cores Twisted Together
・Shield: 0.12mm α (Alpha) Conductor wire Braid
・Sheath: Flexible PVC (Dark Blue)
・Max. Conductor Resistance: 0.008Ω/ M
・Overall Diameter: 14.3mm (14 AWG)

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