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Created by CEN.GRAND, the DSDAC 1.0 is a DAC based on DSD technology. It is different from most DACs on the market, in fact the DSDAC 1.0 can increase the frequency of any digital input signal, including PCM and DSD64, up to DSD 1024. If the signal is equal to or greater than the DSD128 you can also choose not to increase the frequency of the signal.

The DSDAC 1.0 does not integrate a conventional dac chip but an optimized FPGA for an efficient reclocking system and discrete components for digital processing.

It has 3 advanced audio technologies:

  • High-precision DSD frequency algorithm
  • Direct synchronous clock
  • Clock blocking technology

Difference between DSDAC1.0 standard model and super clock model

  • The clock system of super clock model has higher performance, RMS jitter is as low as 100fs
  • Some advanced component are used

The DSDAC 1.0 is equipped with an integrated femtosecond clock. Its signal is sent directly, without intermediate conversion and without going through the frequency divider, to the shift register. This allows the performance of the femtosecond clock to reflect directly on the analog outputs of the DAC. An FPGA takes care of the synchronization of the audio signals. In short, it makes it possible to offer a more precise and transparent sound reproduction, while drastically reducing noise.

Clock blocking technology

The DSDAC 1.0 DELUXE is able to block the clock signal of devices transmitting a sound signal upstream, your CD player for example, so the DAC only uses its internal clock. This technology solves the clock problem often seen in digital audio.


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